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The commander of an elite mech force, Herran Daskana was only seeking a strong drink and gentle male after a mission gone awry. Arune was in search of a protector who would be his guardian by day and lover by night. From the moment they met, the attraction was like wildfire but after the flames burn away, can Herra and Arune’s passion survive? Through betrayal, doubts, lies and an intergalactic threat, can Herra stay true to her allegiance to the United Galactic Alliance and can Arune get what he wants…his shadow?

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Lexis had everything, beauty, grace and a powerful coven, but through a feat of arrogance, he loses it all. Even his sight and his freedom are taken from him. Imprisoned and humiliated by humans, Lexis sinks into a depression so thick that not even a chance at freedom is welcomed. A headstrong werewolf, Bryce frees the broken vampire from his cell and back into life. Despite Lexis' resistance, Bryce shows the vampire that weakness only enhances strength and that to him, he has an unnatural worth. When a ghost from Lexis' past returns to threaten the union of vampire and wolf, it is up to Lexis to find it in himself to fight for himself and the man he loves.


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