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Be My Shadow

The commander of an elite mech force, Herran Daskana was only seeking a strong drink and gentle male after a mission gone awry. Arune was in search of a protector who would be his guardian by day and lover by night. From the moment they met, the attraction was like wildfire but after the flames burn away, can Herra and Arune’s passion survive? Through betrayal, doubts, lies and an intergalactic threat, can Herra stay true to her allegiance to the United Galactic Alliance and can Arune get what he wants…his shadow?

The Capture of a Heart

Shoraya is a child of the Deipma, the Fire Mountains, lauded for its metals and ores. Dedicated to mastering the swords of her creation, she journeys across the lands taking her lessons from nature. When word begins to fall from witnesses’ lips of the talented warrioress, Shoraya is set upon by the emissaries of great kingdoms, eager to capture the student for their own purposes.

That stormy day when Gavenas discovers the ravishing swordswoman wounded in his forest, he knows his heart is lost. A powerful sorcerer, he nurses the woman back to health. Discovering her to be so unlike him and yet not, his every compulsion is to seize the one he knows to be his mate. But even if she does acknowledge his desire with her every glance, Gavenas dreads the day he’ll have to set her free...

The Provider
Embraced By The Sun 

Exiled and on the run from his pack with his twin cubs, Linus Shepherd has his hands full. After a string of odd jobs, his luck changes the day he goes on an interview at Graystone Stonemasonry. Given the opportunity to build a stable home for his family, the only threat he has to face is his attraction to a six-foot-nine god chiseled from obsidian who just happens to be his boss. 

Dean Graystone enjoyed his simple life. His stonemasonry business and the safe haven for supernaturals he had helped to found were both thriving. The day that he hired Linus, he knew there was something unique about the handsome red wolf. That Linus is so dedicated to the care of his cubs more than impresses him. It fascinates him. 

Peter Fitzgerald had always been one who depended upon others to keep him in check. Engaged to be married, he and his friends go to St. Martin for one last week of bachelor fun! When he meets Micah Deus, a fire sorcerer who ignites and awakens the hidden powers within him, Peter looses what restraint he thought he had. An aspect of himself that he thought he could tame refuses to be hidden as Peter begins to manifest powers over ice.

Love Stoned

Watching from afar, Farhad isn't fooled in the slightest by the bodyguard known as Bulletproof. He recognizes Devron for exactly what he is: a gargoyle just like him. The perfect addition for the strike force that he helped to create, Devron would have made the perfect protégé... if he wasn’t the perfect mate....


A Guardian's Desire.jpg
A Guardian's Desire 

Freya Daniels, a fierce, dominant bounty hunter is not the idea of femininity but when she takes a job to escort three young werewolf females to a mating pageant, she quickly learns. Attracting the attention of suitors two magnificent for her to believe, Freya needs to balance her desires for both battle and love!

Thief of His Heart

Seth Burgess thought that he was a master thief and perhaps pitting himself against a werecat lord, will prove him correct.

Darkness Bound

Malice had bound many a demon, but being bound by one was something she never expected!

A Guardian's Passion.jpg
A Guardian's Passion
(Sequel to A Guardian's Desire) 

Freya is expecting her first cub and overwhelmed by the attention lavished on her by her mates, Fenris and Rayne. Needing a break, she agrees to attend a Sohon retreat for expectant mothers. What should be a relaxing and informative week however turns to disaster as an attack is unleashed on the Sohon compound. In the midst of chaos and destruction, Freya has to rely upon her mates to take the vengeance-while she learns to become a warrior of a different type.

Rushing Toward Perfection.jpg
Rushing Towards Perfection 

Damon Hendrick has met the man that he wants to spend his life with, Yukihara Masimoto. He has bought the ring he hopes to seal the deal with and looks forward to spending a romantic weekend with his lover at a Canadian ski resort.

Obedience Training

Ian McAllistor has always thought of himself as an Alpha werewolf. Born last in a pack of dominant females, he always felt as if he had something to prove. A chance encounter with a very special couple opened his eyes to his own submissive nature. As his desire for supplication grew, Ian needed a lover of his own, someone he could submit to. When he first laid eyes on Khalid Diya al Din, Ian knew that the golem was just the one to bring him to his knees.

Monster Brawl

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An Unnatural Worth 

Lexis was once a powerful and respected vampire, who had the best things money could buy. When his ambitions get the better of him, he becomes blinded and left for dead by his leader. When humans imprison him and perform experiments on him, he loses all faith. When another captive, the werewolf Bryce, breaks out he takes Lexis with him. Not wanting to live a life of weakness, Lexis is reluctant to go with the werewolf, but soon Bryce shows him the error of his ways.


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